Sod Installation

When you want immediate results on a lush and vibrant lawn, you'll want to pursue new sod installation.  Along with proper grading and soil preparation, we can provide you a healthy and beautiful lawn - without waiting for weeks watching seed germinate!

Since sod is a living, growing organism that has to adapt to a new environment - it will need extra care in the first few weeks while it establishes a root system.  Temperatures in the spring and fall seasons promote the best environment for sod installation, however we install sod almost the entire year round!  You can provide a perfect growing opportunity for your new sod during the summer months by following our simple instructions for watering!  

Click HERE to view the Watering Instructions Guide

We also provide other alternatives for lawn establishment, depending on the project budget and specific application.  The most common application for a lower cost option is a broadcast of grass seed and straw.  With the correct irrigation application and care, you can have a lush, thick lawn in a matter of weeks!

It's easier than you might expect to have a fantastic looking lawn that your neighbors will envy!  Allow us the opportunity to give you an estimate for the correct and thorough implementation of your new lawn!


Alternatives for lawn establishment:

  • broadcast spread seed and straw mulch
  • straw blanket or erosion control mat
  • hydro seeding
  • sowing seed with a slit seeder or core aerator
  • turf plug installation

Ask us about the pros/cons of each installation option!


We offer sod in turf options:

  • Fescue
  • Bluegrass
  • Zoysia

Ask us about the pros/cons of each turf type!